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Licensure, CAEP & Title II Reporting


C-A-E-P Accredited Provider Excellence in Educate Preparation Accreditation Shield

Bridgewater College’s Teacher Education Program (TEP) was fully-accredited with no areas of improvement or stipulations on April 26, 2021 by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). This action resulted in the maximum 7 year accreditation. Additionally, CAEP awarded the TEP the Frank Murray Leadership Award for Continuous Improvement at the Fall 2021 CAEP Conference.

Licensure and Certification

Federal regulations from the United States Department of Education and Council for the Accreditation for Teacher Preparation (CAEP) require Bridgewater College to disclose whether its educational programs meet the conditions for state credentialing (e.g., certification or licensure). Bridgewater College is approved by the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) to offer 16 initial licensure programs at the undergraduate level. Gaining licensure in the Commonwealth of Virginia can lead to reciprocal licensure in other states and jurisdictions.

The following are the types of licenses you can obtain with the help of Bridgewater College’s Teacher Education Program:

  • Elementary Education (PreK–6): Pre-kindergarten through Grade 6 (major in Liberal Studies)
  • Secondary Education (6–12): Biology, Career Technical-Family and Consumer Science, Chemistry, English, Social Studies (History and Social Studies), and Physic
  • Designated Discipline Education (PreK–12): Health and Physical Education, Music (Instrumental or Vocal), Spanish, Theatre Arts, and Visual Arts

To learn more about about our licensure testing, navigate to our Assessments Required page.

Reciprocal Licensure and Other State Requirements

Licensure from the Commonwealth of Virginia allows educators to be eligible for reciprocal licensure in more than 45 states in the United States. In addition to licensure, however, other states may have temporary, testing or other requirements educators must meet to teach in that jurisdiction. Refer to the state reciprocity information or contact the department of education in each state to determine the necessary steps for teaching outside of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Information on the licensure reciprocity.