May Term FAQs

Am I required to take a May Term course?

Students are not required to take a May Term course. However, no refund for tuition, room or board will be given to students who do not attend May Term.

I am scheduled to graduate in May. Can I take a May Term course after graduation?

A graduating senior may take a May Term course, but the degree will not be conferred until after May Term. The student can walk at graduation and participate in all graduation activities, but graduation status will not be conferred until the May Term class grade has been posted to a student’s transcript.

I am not seeking a degree from Bridgewater College. Can I register for a May Term course?

These opportunities are limited to degree-seeking Bridgewater College students.

Is there a fee to attend May Term?

In order to better ensure that all students have an opportunity to take May Term courses, two May Term sessions are included in each student’s regular tuition during their time at BC. Students may enroll in additional May Terms for an additional tuition fee, plus a residential fee if applicable.

There may be additional charges to students enrolled in May Term courses involving travel, off-campus housing or other expenses.

Do I have to live on campus?

Any student who is a residential student in the spring can reside on campus with no additional charge for room and board, if they are enrolled in one of the two May Terms included in their tuition.  Commuter students are not eligible for May Term housing.

Living on campus during May Term is not mandatory. However, no refund for tuition, room or board will be given to students who do not attend May Term or who decide to live off campus. Please note that summer school sessions do have an additional cost for living on campus.

Where will I live during May Term?

All May Term and summer students who reside on campus will live in summer housing. The location of the summer housing building(s) changes from year to year, depending on facilities projects scheduled for the summer. In addition, due to the popularity of May Term, all students are required to have a roommate during this time. The roommate can be requested on the May/Summer housing form. If one is not requested, the staff will assign a student to share the space with you. Residence Life sends out information in late April regarding summer housing, including the summer housing building(s), move-over schedule, and the sign-up process.

If I will be leaving for a travel abroad course, do I have to move out of my spring room?

If a travel course leaves prior to the start of May Term and there is no on-campus requirement, students will be expected to check out of their residence hall and transition items off campus. Charges may incur if students are unable to relocate their items. Students participating in a travel course that has on-campus requirements during the May Term period will be eligible for May Term housing. Due to ongoing Facilities projects, students will have to relocate to May Term housing assignments.

If you are eligible for May Term housing, please ensure that you complete the May Term Housing Interest Form. Additional questions can be emailed to

If I don’t live on campus, will I get a refund for the residential fee?

No refund for tuition, room or board will be given to students who decide to live off campus.

Are commuter meal plans available?

If commuters wish to have additional meals, using BC Bucks or paying the student meal rate by debit or credit card at the KCC is recommended.

What dining options will be available during May Term?

The dining facility will be operating on a reduced schedule during May Term.

2024 May Term Dining hours:
May 7
Dinner Only 5 p.m. – 7 p.m.
May 8-23
Breakfast 7 a.m. – 9 a.m.
Lunch 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Dinner 5 p.m. – 7 p.m.
May 24
Breakfast 7 a.m. – 9 a.m.
Lunch 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Are there any meal credit refunds for travel classes or classes that require I live off campus, such as internships?

No refund for tuition, room or board will be given.

What is the cost per credit once I exceed the two sessions included in my tuition costs?

The cost per credit will be the same as a summer session cost per credit, plus a $40 registration fee. For May 2024, cost per credit is $680.

What is the cost to live on campus once I exceed the two sessions that are included in my tuition costs?

A weekly rate will be established, which includes room and board. The rate is subject to change from year to year. For May 2024, the cost will be $400 per week.

Can I live on campus and not eat meals?

Any student that is living on campus for May Term will have meals included. If a student chooses to not eat meals, no refunds for tuition, room or board will be given.

When do travel expenses need to be paid?

The class professor will inform students during travel course orientation meetings of the due dates for travel payments. Typically, payments are due in several increments with the entire cost paid in full by the date determined by the professor. All trips are to be paid for prior to May Term. Specific questions should be addressed to the class professor.

Is financial aid available for May Term expenses, such as travel?

Institutional aid is not available for May Term.

Can I apply for a loan to cover travel expenses?

Loans are limited to any remaining eligibility not used during the preceding fall and spring semesters. If you are interested in exploring your loan options, please email the financial aid office at prior to March 1.

Can I use a surplus credit on my student account to pay for travel?

A student can use an account credit surplus to make travel payments. Please stop by student accounts located in Rebecca Hall 206, 207 or 208 to complete the funds transfer form. You may also email from
your Bridgewater email account to give your approval for the transfer of funds to the travel account.